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New to fiverr and am thinking of selling on the platform



For almost 10 years I was a full time caregiver to my parents and created some forms that I used to aid in their care.  I am wondering how would I go about using those forms to make some extra cash by selling copies that people could fill out themselves with the forms being digital downloads. 

I have had an Etsy store selling them, even though Etsy allows you to set up how many copies of each item you want to sell as a digital download, they only allow for image files not word files, pdf's, etc..., I would like to know whether I can set up something that allows me to say I want to sell this many copies of a specific form or would I need to sell individually.  The forms I am looking to sell were made by me and are generic enough to be used for anyone and I am open to creating custom versions of them for individuals.

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Interesting offering.

Fiverr isn't really the best for selling duplicate items (intended for one-off jobs/tasks, for services), but some users have managed it. I think... as long as you make it VERY clear that you are NOT including publishing or reprinting rights, maybe?

You'd have to look over the Terms of Service and Community Standards.

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