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How is a 'free pricing' model opened up to new sellers?



Hello there 🙂

I am a new seller and am in the process of setting up my first gig.

When faced with the option to set a price point for each tier of the service I'm offering, I was surprised to discover that the option is only available to set this up in intervals of 5 -- so $5, $10, $15, etc.

Others, I see, have their price point set at completely self-determined amounts.

Is this part of being a new seller, perhaps, in that the opportunity to set self-determined amounts will open up to me later? While I'll work with it because I'm flexible and don't mind taking the Beginner's Journey (in fact, I feel excited to set out; I've worked very hard to create a unique skill-set that offers value to others!), I'd like to better understand how Fiverr is set up to work.

Many thanks for any information anyone is able to provide!

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I didn’t see any amounts on gigs that you can’t divide with 5. If you see different amount then most likely you saw it in your local currency conversion if it’s not in the US dollars.


19 minutes ago, codyrutland said:

I'd like to better understand how Fiverr is set up to work.

There is fiverr.learn and they have a free course “how to be a successful seller” and they explain there how fiverr system works step by step. So it might be helpful to watch that video 

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Ahhhhh! That makes PERfect sense, thank you Maria!

Yes, now I see what you're talking about; as I am re-visiting the shops, so to speak, I can see that behind the '$6.47' values and so on, there are really just a bunch of $5 gigs.

And I think that's quite nifty actually. Once I saw that price points are intended to be structured around real fivers -- five notes, that is -- the platform's name made much more sense.

I was really only concerned about it because I think that the 'converted' numbers look a bit classy, in a way; I wasn't sure if my gigs would stand out awkwardly with dorky price points beside them.

Very cool, though! This is oddly inspiring to learn.

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