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What are your goals for the next year?


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So... with December drawing closer, I'd started to think more and more about where I would want to be this time next year. I decided to share my (mostly professional) list with all that I am planning to do - and I encourage you to do as well! (..honestly, I'm just curious...) 

So for Fiverr-related goals, I have:

- Be NOMINATED to be a TRS. Don't need the star, but I want to at least be nominated. (I don't qualifiy yet, maybe in January)

- Organise my gig images (I am collaboring with an artist on this, so yay!) They will be so CUTE. 

- Raise my prices once last time (well, for now!)

- Complete 100 projects (bigger ones, next year.)


But...these are all boring! Because next year, I will also be working on other stuff - and hopefully, travelling. So goals/dreams for 2021 are...

- Chase the Aurora Borealis (might make it before that but we'll see!)

- Learn (some) Swedish

- Denmark, Finnland, Iceland and Norway

- Go on a cruise

- Volunteer for at least two weeks.

And - drumroll please...

- Release my game AND the interactive storybook I'm working on with someone else. 

Now that I look at it... that's a lot of stuff but I'm hopeful! So... yeah, I'm curious if you already have plans for next year - or if you'll be deciding late!)

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Goals for next year....hmmm....

First and foremost,  survive this damn pandemic. Stay healthy and happy.
Keep my TRS status, but at the same time, work less. I refuse to call myself a workaholic, but according to my friends, I am.
Make more donations to dog/cat rescue shelters.
.....hmm, what else...

Fly first class....?


And OH, join @vickiespencer and her lovely family for Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

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This is almost like a New Year's resolution list. 🎆 I'd like to keep things fairly simple and realistically achievable.

Earn more in the new year than the year before.

Maintain my weight and maybe bulk up a bit. 💪

Create video content on the side.

Don't sink so much money into creating a new gig for the THIRD year in a row. 😅


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I never think about New Year's resolutions as the year in my mind starts on September, but...

Pass all of my university exams. Even if it's tough and brings me a lot of anxiety, I can do it.

Travel. Let the fear go and start solo-traveling, the world is wide and I'm too young to spend all my time working or worrying. 

Grow, mentally. Become the best person I can be, get better every moment of my life. 

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1 hour ago, zeus777 said:

Fly first class....?


That's on my bucket list, too! My anxiety has an issue with flying right now (which makes my life reasonably harder haha) but I WANT to fly first class at least once! 
Love your goals though!

38 minutes ago, enunciator said:

This is almost like a New Year's resolution list

Yeah, that was sort of the intention I guess 😄 I feel like it's nice to speak about goals from time to time so yeah!

24 minutes ago, francescaabb said:

Even if it's tough and brings me a lot of anxiety, I can do it.

You'll do fine I'm sure! Just make sure to take care of yourself, too!

25 minutes ago, francescaabb said:

start solo-traveling

The first solo trip is the worst. After that, they all get better! I would recommend doing something small (going to a nearby country for the weekend) and making sure to stay safe (no partying) but... honestly, it's great!

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1 hour ago, zeus777 said:

And OH, join @vickiespencer and her lovely family for Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

My dear @zeus777 You are welcome to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. However, the menu has changed this year. We are having Cornish game hens fried outdoors in the turkey fryer by son #1. Son #3 is BBQing a brisket. Daughter-in-law is making mashed potatoes, buns and green bean casserole. Son #2 is bringing strawberry rhubarb, lemon meringue, and cherry pies from a bakery where he lives that is famous for their baked goods. Would you believe the pies cost $40 each! I am providing the Cornish hens butter, cranberries, whipped cream corn, and a relish tray of assorted veggies, pickles and olives.

Now for my goals:

1. Maintain my TRS so I can continue to have payments clear in 7 days.

2. Raise my prices to stay abreast of inflation

3. Create at least one more gig

4. Take time off to enjoy the holidays

5. Lose some weight.

21 hours ago, katakatica said:

Chase the Aurora Borealis (might make it before that but we'll see!)

Seeing the northern lights uses to be pretty common place when I lived in NE Montana, land of the wide open spaces and cloudless nights. Usually they were greens, blues and pinks. We get them quite often in Western Montana too. They look quite spectacular when they are on the horizon with the outline of mountains in the foreground. 

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2 hours ago, zeus777 said:

Make more donations to dog/cat rescue shelters.

🧡 it! Christmas is the season of giving. I've fallen in love with animals the past few years. I want to support big cat/exotic animal sanctuaries and humane societies.

My goal for next year:

* Travel, cross country thru National Parks, Mountains, Sanctuaries, Zoo, Botanical Gardens, etc.

* Buy a new car in Dec 2022

* Eat at as many "hometown" small family owned restaurants as possible.

* Enjoy my retirement with my puppies.

Oh Ms. @vickiespencer, pls set a plate for me as well. I'll bring an empty stomach!! 😁😄


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Mooch’s List of Totally Realistic Goals for 2022:

1) In 2022 I’d like to hold the WWE championship for two months. It’s true, the intercontinental championship is recognized as having the better matches - but cross continental travel seems to be a bit much to maintain my Pro/TRS status. That’s right, I’m planning to be the first active selling, fiverrian world championship wrestler. 

2) In 2022, I’d like to see my episode of “Cheers,” finally get made. Omitting the fact that cheers has been off the air since 1992, I’m tired of settling for trite excuses. 

The story centers around Sam’s new affinity for coffee. His decision to take Cheers into the caffeinated future has sent shock waves through the salty staff and their ever faithful patrons. Norm Peterson, sometimes accountant and ever present barfly, has slipped into an all out denial. 


Disheveled, but optimistic, Norm Peterson barrels through the bar door and walks intently toward his barstool sanctuary.   

Norm: Good afternoon everybody…

Patrons (in unison): NORM! 

Woody: What’s the news Mr. Peterson?

Norm: Man. Drinks beer. Film at 11.

(Woody sulks toward the end of the bar as Norm takes his throne) 

Woody: Gee, Mr. Peterson, we still don’t have that. Could I make you a latte? 

Norm: Woody, after the day I’ve had, that’s the only kinda beer I’m after. A latte beer.

(Carla approaches the bar and returns her empty mugs. She grimaces at what’s either a terrible joke - or the sight of a man losing grip of his reality)

Carla: Don’t be a dope Norm, the kid can’t sell you a beer. 

(Norm, panicked, looks under the bar, behind him, over the bar and onto the floor)

Carla: Whaddya think ya doing? 

Norm: If you’re cutting me off Carla, it’s obviously time to find my pants. 


(Sam flings the office door open, his barista apron tied neatly and holding a plastic cup. He instantly realizes Norm is back. Sam flings the plastic cup and quickly unties his apron. Too quickly. He’s also undone his belt, sending his pants to the floor. Hearing the commotion, Norm quickly whips around)

Norm: They cut you off too, huh Sammy? 

(Sam, now pants appropriate, walks into the bar-way and leans to face the oblivious Norm)

Sam: Norm, buddy, I don’t know what to do here. 

Norm: It’s easy Sam. You take a glass and some beer…

Sam: Normy, that’s what I’m saying. There’s no beer. We’re a coffee house now. It’s the way of the future. All these places are gonna be coffee houses. There’s no fightin’ it, you understand? 

(Norm adjusts the chip tray, never making eye level with the compassionate Sam. He’s not heard him. Norm is a bar near and a world away)

Sam: I can’t… I’m not getting through.

Cliff: I’ll handle it Sammy.

(Cliff Clavin makes the trek from one side of the bar to the other. He exudes false confidence and adjusts his mailman’s uniform) 

Cliff: I know all about this. This is what we professionals call, “Scandinavian Dissociative Disorder.”

Sam: Scandinavian? 

Cliff: Ah, yeah. It’s a little known fact the Scandinavian Peterson’s originate from “son of Peter.” Most likely that of Pan. As we know, Pan is a reference to the Greek deity who was partly human and partly goat. This embarrassing unification created a defense mechanism that results in the complete shutting down of accepting bad circumstances. 

Sam: Cliff. What does Peter Pan have to do with Norm Peterson?

Carla (pointing to Cliff): For starters, Norm is best friends with him. Go sit down before I stuff your shadow in your mouth Clavin.


3) In 2022 I plan to open the “official fiverr forum complaint department.” Really, it’s just some random yahoo address that I don’t use anymore - but those odds are as good as any. 

4) In 2022 I plan to have lunch with David Lynch. At this lunch, I will convince him to explain all the meanings to his movies. I will do this by trapping him into a game of “let’s share secrets.” I will give him a false sense of security by going first. I will then tell David Lynch that I’m a secret spy. I will elaborate on daring, erotic stories of tense moments and animalistic movements. David Lynch will be so intrigued that he’ll immediately explain the “true” meaning of Twin Peaks. 

The hardest part, of course, will be finishing spy school in time to have some good missions this year. 

5) In 2022 I plan to expand my gigs by offering life tips as extras. As it stands, I will have the first “I will play piano and fix your life” gig. I mean, other than Stevie Wonder. 

6) In 2022 I’m no longer going to worry about my lists stopping at five or going to ten. That’s an enormous amount of pressure. Did I do too much, should I have stopped at four?  From now on, all lists will stop right where I feel they have appropriately met “acceptable list levels.”  

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On 11/22/2021 at 4:34 PM, katakatica said:

The first solo trip is the worst. After that, they all get better! I would recommend doing something small

Haha, not my first solo. I had the great idea to go to Russia alone two years ago...yeah, pretty much terrifying. Then covid happened, but I definitely remember those two weeks as the happiest I've ever felt 😄

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