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Logo Maker Stars: A Chat With Top Seller, Manuel Corsi

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Logo Maker Stars: A Chat With Top Seller, Manuel Corsi


An Italian designer living in beautiful Tuscany, Manuel Corsi has always loved drawing and coloring. During school lessons, he would draw on his desks and often got put into detention. When he discovered digital drawing, he realized he could turn his passion into a career. “A world opened up to me,” he says. “I could stop drawing on desks and make it a profession.”

Now he's a super successful Fiverr seller (specializing in logo design, character design, and cartoon-style drawings) and as of recently, one of Fiverr Logo Maker's top-earning sellers.


Manuel has been a Fiverr Logo Maker seller since day 1 of launching the new platform, and the purchases started rolling in. He soon found it to be a lucrative and mostly fun opportunity. We spoke to him about his experiences with the Logo Maker. 

Hey Manuel! Great to finally chat! First things first -what do you think about the Fiverr Logo Maker? What are the benefits that this product provides you?

It has given me many benefits, especially financially. I was initially a little skeptical about the ability to sell the logos through Logo Maker, but I have to admit that it surprised me quite a bit. I have an extremely positive opinion of Logo Maker right now and I'm excited to be part of it.

That's great to hear 🙂 Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process when designing and uploading your logos?

Usually, I think about it during the day: in the shower, while traveling, in my free time, and so on. As soon as possible and as soon and I can get near a computer, I make sketches of the idea that I thought of and then I digitize it.


How has Fiverr's Logo Maker affected your business on and off Fiverr?

My workflow hasn't changed much. Maybe that's the beauty of it. I usually focus my energy on individual customers, and if I have free time I create products to sell in online marketplaces.

Because of the success I’ve had on Logo Maker now, I dedicate much more free time to it, preferring it to other platforms.

And how do you feel about sales and the passive income they provide?

I am extremely satisfied with the sales, and I notice that the more time passes, the more sales increase, so patience is needed. What’s more is that my workflow has not been affected, but at the same time my earnings have increased a lot!

Do you have any tips for new designers joining the platform? 

Art is a technical and stylistic research of a subjective beauty, based on the creativity of an individual. My first piece of advice is to put yourself in it: what you have inside you must bring it to life through artistic creations. Be self-critical and always try to improve yourself. 

Thanks, Manuel!


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