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Dear Fiverr sellers, I'm working with fiverr since 2017 and worked for lots of buyers. Those buyer were genuine and fantastic. Recently some buyers sent me massage with their job requirement. Their job requirement was posting their property details on my FB market place, After that take screenshot of the listing when done posting and send it to them. When I asked them why on my FB marketplace? They said this is their requirement. After that when I asked again about their budget they offer me a huge budget and that was abnormal. Finally when I asked them when should I send them my custom GIG to start the order then they said me after first posting they will accept any offer. Then I refused their offer which was absolutely free of cost without accepting any gig or offer. The most important thing is I got 4 fake buyers who has the same job requirement and they posted their offers on buyers request. They posted their job offer for VA with another job details but when you apply for that specific job they will contact you and say that they assigned another seller for that job but they have another similar job for you and they will offer you the posting job on your FB market place which is actually a scam. So I request be careful about this type of fake buyers and they are all over on fiverr now. Take care.


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