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Anyone working on a fairly big order?


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When I originally signed up for Fiverr waaaay back in the way, I'd say 95% of my orders were my illustration gigs.
However over the years the number of illustration gigs have increased a LOT, and with sooo many talented illustrators out there I'm getting way fewer illustration orders compared to my translation gig. Not complaining though of course, I'm still getting orders. 🙂
 I'm aware that a good number of people make thousands each month on Fiverr but I'm not like that at all, but there was this one translation I worked on that got me 3000 or so dollars, so far that was my biggest order.
A few days I ago I was asked to draw 47 images. Money-wise it's not the biggest (still pretty darn nice though), but the quantity is a WOW.  Now I'm sure there must be other sellers here who were asked to work on a hundred images in one order, but for me 47 images from one buyer is quite something. 
Basically I was asked to draw an image of this fox-like character, representing 47 of the prefectures in Japan. 
For example for Tokyo I can draw the fox standing in front of the Tokyo Tower, for Nara I can draw temples, etc.
BTW I have visited less than 5 prefectures in my life, and while some areas a quite famous for whatever reason, I know NOTHING, and I mean absolutely NOOOOOOTHING about other prefectures. I need to do a bit of research about each prefecture to find out about their famous areas/food etc, so I am learning something new about my country 😁😆

Any of you guys working on something pretty big, or learning something new along the way?? 


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I think I would divide "big orders" in to two types, at least in my experience.

High Value: big projects with a lot of moving parts (think something like a documentary, a long video with hundreds or thousands of elements)

High Volume: Projects with a ton of small parts (like editing 100 different short videos to have the same color grade, watermark, intro and outro, etc.) 

The high value projects are naturally more interesting to work in, and generally have more impressive final results (for portfolio), but the high volume projects are usually easier to streamline and optimize in terms of workflow, so they tend to end up paying better per hour if you can be really efficient.

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There are areas in my state I didn't even know existed until I saw them highlighted on television. The projects I'm working on relate to writing. The latest is a collab invite. If I don't get too bogged down, then I'll help with the Secret Santa illustration mission on my art sharing site.

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2 hours ago, visualstudios said:

they tend to end up paying better per hour if you can be really efficient.

Oh I hear you! I think I've really learned how to speed things up and working efficiently thanks to Fiverr. 😉


2 hours ago, topaz_muse said:

There are areas in my state I didn't even know existed until I saw them highlighted on television.

I have a coworker from Rhode Island, and when he first told me where he was from, I had to think for a few seconds.
He immediately noticed that (in fact he told me he gets that reaction VERY often) and said "Yeah yeah yeah, it's the smallest state in the states and
NOBODY knows it exists."

.......Woah buddy~~~~, I never said I don't know about the place, it's just that....I needed a few seconds, that's all.
Then he added "Well, NONE of my (Japanese) students knows this place."

........Ahem, true, I don't think Rhode Island is known in Japan.....|
I'm guessing the top known states in Japan are California, Hawaii, New York, Texas.....and Florida...?

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I just got order for 30 illustrations with character and background. I really don't how I could finish this yet 🤧.

I don't think illustration gigs will be over saturated. We can't do like 10 illustration in day right ? unlike logo, photo editing, voice over gigs.  I can do only one illustration a day for example. And artists are really rare. It takes time and dedication to just become little bit decent at drawing. I could learn to edit video in month or two if I want but can't learn damn anatomy for 5 years 😛 And fiverr seems to be really becoming go to place for illustration projects compared to other freelancing platforms. 


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The 'biggest' gig I have up right now is 'only' 25k words (for my game scripts) but if you think about all the planning/outlining/writing that takes, it's long enough haha. I actually prefer to work in smaller batches (5-10k words at a time.) But I realise 25k isn't a lot (I just prefer to make sure it's actually good!) 

That being said on the side I am looking to get art (for my game) and started counting how many scenes I will need illustrated... The first estimate was around 100 but I think I'll try to lower that (but that is not included all the characters, backgrounds, etc.)...

I... think it's going to take a while to get this game going 😄 (but what I will try to do is creaty hype with just one route out fully as a demo...) 

I feel like 50 illustrations or so sounds like a lot - but it must be 'fun' to travel around Japan with a little character though? I'd love the research (especially for food-themed pictures haha)

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I used to be very active on the forum and has read my fair share of PayPal chargeback stories on big orders that sound too good to be true. They just make me paranoid now. Is it even normal? How normal is it? 

I got a request for 50 drawings recently. I usually take bulk orders for 5-6 pieces max just to avoid the chargeback disappointment but I was feeling adventurous, I guess. Usually, when someone rolls into my inbox trying to buy 50-100 designs, they are looking to spend $1/a piece. So this is completely new.

We did a test one, full price, then split the rest into 5 equal (ish) parts. I offered a reasonable discount because they’re simple and the quantity is, as you say, wow indeed. So it’s shaping up to be quite an impressive project money-wise. I have 9 to go and they get approved very quickly. So I’m terribly paranoid about it. 

You being so positive about your project calmed me down a bit. Thank you for that. 

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11 hours ago, katakatica said:

(especially for food-themed pictures haha)

Oh heck yes. While doing research on Google, I'd type stuff like "Famous things in Yamagata" and they show me tons of photos of famous landscapes, gardens, temples, castles, and.....food. FOOD. FOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! I'm working on Tochigi prefecture tonight, famous for strawberries. Yummy.


5 hours ago, lenasemenkova said:

I usually take bulk orders for 5-6 pieces max

I hear you! I was a bit worried at first too, but first we did a "test" order of 3 images and he had no problems paying me in full do that made me go OK, I think I should go ahead and take this offer. After the test order he placed an order for 10 characters, and I' worked on 4 so far. I'm guessing that once this first batch is done, the order for the next 10 characters will be placed.


5 hours ago, lenasemenkova said:

You being so positive about your project calmed me down a bit. Thank you for that. 

Awe, thank you~~~~~.

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