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[ Sharing ] Bad experience with Fiverr


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hello to everyone, i want to share with you my experience with Fiverr rules and support team.


pre information : my work is a Fivem Server Files  = meaning i send a buyer files to run and thats a Server for GTA 5.

i have been in fiverr for a year or so and i had no trouble until this week.

i got a new order 3 weeks ago and all went great.. 

after a week or so the buyer from that order had some problems with my work and i helped him out for free until he figured it out.

few days ago the buyer canceled my ordered saying he is not satisfied with my work even after 14 days past and he gave me a 5 Star review.

i contacted the fiverr support asking what happened and why my order got canceled and they said he is not satisfied and there is nothing for me to do soo i lost that 180$ i worked hard for.

few days past and the buyer kept using my work ( I have logs of my work on discord  as a backup)  soo i contacted Fiverr and explained them that the buyer still uses my work..

the support team said okay wait few days and if he still uses it contact us... i waited and the buyer still uses my work soo i contacted the support team to ask them what can i do since i got scammed ( buyer canceled and still uses it )... i tried contacting the buyer in discord asking whats the issue but of course i got blocked from him and he kept using it as we speak.

i have no clue what to do in Fiverr and even if its worth staying... 

sellers are abusing the system for scamming buyers telling the support that they are not satisfied and still uses the work.


Tried sending the Fiverr support team Proof of him using my work on his computer by providing Discord Logging of him starting the server and connecting to it...

but my answer was : If the buyer uses it on a 3rd party site they have nothing to do....

But where is the logic? I told the support team that i only Have Logging for him inside discord and not that the buyer is using it in discord since its impossible ... my work can only run on windows itself ( the computer ) no 3rd party...


if anyone have suggestions on what i can do ... since i lost my money i worked for and i really needed that money i worked few days for.


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