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Misleading posts undermine the usefulness of the Fiverr Forum


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I am proofreading an article. The author talks of a Bible verse and says that "false teachers are misleading believers and undermining the real work of the Lord. 

This comment made me think of the Fiverr Forum and the users who post doltish 'Tips' in the Tips for Sellers category. Often said users have very few sales if any, and their advice is quoted from some YouTube 'guru' who merely wants to get followers and does not genuinely know how Fiverr works. These users are undermining the usefulness of the Forum.

Some users merely comment "Following" when they could use the 'follow' option in the upper right-hand corner of each thread. These users are undermining the usefulness of the Forum.


 Other users repeatedly post "thanks" or "congratulations" on every single thread they enter! PLEASE STOP! Kindly use the emojis for how they are meant to be used! The users who do not use the emojis when appropriate are undermining the usefulness of the Forum.


I could go on and on, but I will stop here and let others post the behaviors they feel undermine the Fiverr Forum's usefulness. Maybe some of the 'underminers' will stop, and the Forum will become a better place.
Let the spamming NOT begin! 🙏🏻 🤞🏻


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Now my question is how many "good advice" replies you'll be getting for this post...sigh.

It's frustrating that I really need to scroll up and down to search for a thread that is not spam. 
I still believe the forum is a great and useful place (and that's why i drop by all the time) but will it become a "better" place...
fingers crossed!!!!

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