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Hi I'm new! wish me luck


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13 minutes ago, freyamarina said:

Hi everybody, I'm a new seller here. Need some tips to catch customers, sell is very dificult for someone like me

Welcome to fiver forum, I'm a new seller as well, Sending buyer request is the only way to get the order, unless buyer send you offer, i didn't get any otder yet, so we need to be patient !!

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Hello, @freyamarina,

Welcome to Fiverr! I remember how confusing things were for me when I was new. I took a peek 👀 at your profile and if you leave it as it is you will not get many if any orders. Your gig images go against almost everyone of the suggestions that Fiverr suggests for making gigs. (When I was new, mine did too! 🙈)

Read here to improve: ⬇️



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