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How long can I get the first order if Fiverr is running?


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2 hours ago, kmrahim24 said:

If I open a new gig in December, I will get a job?

That's impossible to answer with 'yes' or 'no'. There are too many factors, such as the type of service you offer.


Glanced at your Fiverr profile. Based on that glance, I'd lean towards 'no'. if the new gig is anything like your current one.

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34 minutes ago, enunciator said:

Odd FAQ questions:

And promising 100% accuracy within the FAQ, but having a gig full of mistakes (gig image included).

Plus claiming to be a "professional freelancer", which is meaningless.

Plus claiming to be an expert marketer, but not having any idea how to create a gig someone would want to buy.

I'd say that the OP isn't going to get a job at all (unless someone orders by mistake), no matter when they create new gig(s).

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