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Avg. Response Time?? 🤦‍♂️


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Hello Everyone.
Hope you all doing great 💝

Today a buyer (she is also a level one seller) message me to help her in her REACT project. Within few minutes, I was happily send her a beautiful message with a big YES 🤩.
But I got a pop-Up notification "🛑unable to send your message" my message was not send.
Then I noticed that she is unavailable
For that reason I couldn't reply to her.


BUT the main problem is here.


Now I can understand her unavailability, but my ⏲️ clock doesn't want to.🥲
Its just increasing the response time.

Now tell me what I can do?
Is there any way to stop the clock ?
She will be available after 1 month, should I send him the response after one month? 🥴

Or if there is any other solutions feel free to suggest me.
Thank you.


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  • nazmul_8039 changed the title to Avg. Response Time?? 🤦‍♂️

It does seem like a recent bug that’s happening. I think the best course of cation will be to reach out to fiverr CS and ask them to remove that exact message from your stats and send an email to your client on your behalf 


11 hours ago, nazmul_8039 said:

a beautiful message with a big YES 🤩.

Also that emoji is quite unprofessional if you are trying to work in a business environment 

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