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Customers not marking order as complete


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I asked CS recently if that was okay *if* the buyer commented that they liked the work but still left the order open. If they approved the delivery (sort of) via comment but haven't done anything about it otherwise.

For those cases in particular, this is the response I’ve gotten: 


I've got 2 buyers who do this in November alone, tried it with one and was completely ignored. 🙂 But I'm about to try it with the other one. 

If it's just radio silence, no comments or reaction at all, I just prefer to leave it be. Why would I remind anyone that they can revise my work? You remind them enough times and they just might come up with edits they don't even need. It's not 70% of cases for me, though. It's a lot. I agree that it might have something to do with the unlimited revisions or the kind of services you're offering. 



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