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Fiverr Revenue Card [ARCHIVED]


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Kindly brief me, is there a difference in first time payoneer card activation fees. I have created my payoneer card and has got it first and then I have added it in Fiverr Revenue Card.
So, if we add Fiverr Revenue Card, they charge $5 or if we create payoneer account and get card first and then add it, then they charge $35 activation charges, right?
How much money will be deducted in my case.

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Hello ,
How can I associate my fiverr account with payoneer.Accidentally, I ordered Fiverr Revenue Card and then I order a second one from Payoneer.
Now I have received my Payoneer Card and want to attach payoneer account with my Fiverr Account.

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Hi to you all from Serbia 🙂

I have a few questions for @sivan_payoneer or whoever is taking care of this topic and is assocciated with payoneer and knows how things work with tham.

Can I sign up for regular payoneer account and than use it with fiverr(whould go through referal link)?If I can,do I need to put some funds on it first or I could just withdraw from fiverr to that account?

Also what are the fees,and I see there is an option to have account in different currencyes,so what are the fees for this option?This option is interesting to me because I’m thinking of doing some selling through some other platforms(e.g. premade templates,scripts,etc).

I’m new to this sort of conducting bussiness so please give me fiverr and payoneer related links for fees etc…

Sorry if you had to explain this before,but just can’t figure it all out by simply going through previous post,there is just to many of tham and takes eternity to find exact ones regarding things that interest me.

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