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Setting availability - interesting observation


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Throughout my time on Fiverr, my rate of orders and messages from buyers has always been consistent, steadily increasing over time. I've never noticed any drastic change to this despite many changes to my gigs (including pricing), apart from 2 occasions. The first was well over a year ago when I used the Out Of Office feature (now called Availability). All orders literally stopped along with messages from potential buyers and it took a good few weeks for my account to recover. Because of this I've since avoided using it. 

Just over a week ago I had other commitments for a few days, so thought I'd use it again. I figured now I'm a TRS, and Fiverr is constantly updating the way the platform works, maybe it wouldn't affect me like it did previously. I set my availability and blocked off 2 days. One day before this was about to start, as I was a bit nervous about losing my momentum, I changed my mind, removed the unavailable dates, and decided to cope by turning off extra fast delivery and setting a quick response instead that would let buyers know I'd be mostly unavailable for a couple of days.

Despite my account NOT being set to unavailable, the past week I've seen my orders and message rate drop drastically, which I've only seen that one other time when using the Out Of Office feature. Now this could be coincidence I admit, but for me the timing is too perfect to ignore, and I'm convinced because I turned it on, even though I later turned it back off before it took affect, I'm sure this has affected my account.

So I'm not saying don't use the 'Availability' feature, but after my experience I would say use it cautiously and only if necessary, and only switch it on when you're 100% decided you don't want to be available to your buyers. I know I won't be in a rush to use this feature again.

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