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Wrong expected earnings shown, something is wrong... (and affecting sales?)



Hello! hope you all doing great!

I have been facing this issue for about 4-5 months, I'm attaching this screenshotted example where my current order is $109 in total which means the expected earnings should show something around $84, Instead it's showing me more than $300, it's like I have hidden orders that are not showing on my account.

Sometimes when I'm having no active orders it's still showing about $200+ in the expected earnings.

One thing that I noticed with this issue is that my gig's sales went downhills, my performance stats and reply times are all in the green and 100%.

Finally I contacted the support time once they proposed that I delete my cache or use another browser, I tried both and also using another computer and phone but still.

I'm wondering if anyone faced this problem before, Thanks so much for your time.

Active orders.png

Expected earnings.png

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