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Is the Gig rotation is mainly penalizing experienced sellers?


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PREMISE N.1: In my honest opinion, Fiverr is the best freelancing platform worldwide since it is the unique website that genuinely invests in enhancing and improving the provided services, both in terms of buyers and sellers.

PREMISE N.2: I am an experienced LEVEL 2 seller that achieved 1k+ orders during the last 15 months on Fiverr by operating in different categories, such as Business Planning, Market Research, Marketing Strategies, and Legal Writing. I have perfect statistics, as you can check in the following picture.


My main service is represented by the Investor-Ready Business Plan development services that has 350+ positive reviews:


It also has the 'Best Seller' badge:


THE PROBLEM: I had a regular business year until September 2021. During the first eight months of the year, I achieved excellent monthly income by obtaining x1 order per day (with an average income per order equal to US$ 110.) I shared my gig on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook on a regular basis and used the Promoted Gig function. 

The situation had drastically changed from September when my gig became unqualified for the Promoted Gig function. My gig has been pushed to the bottom of the gig list without any apparent reason. I have received no cancellations, negative feedback, or warnings. Contacting the support center, they declared that the GIG-rotation had caused my bottom-push. 

This fact literally blew me away as I see novice salespeople in my gig category (Business Plans) every day who are on the top page despite having 3-4 reviews. I understand that the platform must give an opportunity to everyone. Still, it seems to me penalizing and wrong to treat serious, reliable, and professional sellers in this way who are the strength of Fiverr. I am currently receiving very few orders, mostly from old clients and no new clients. Do you have any advice? Please avoid any unnecessary advice like 'stay online 24 hours, send 10 buyer requests every day, promote your gigs on social media' because they are ineffective procedures or actions that I have already done. As I repeat, I have been on the platform for quite some time. Have you also incurred similar experiences?

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Hey there, 

I'm not here with a solution but only to echo your sentiments and let you know I am currently experiencing the exact same situation. My top performing gig (500+ reviews) https://www.fiverr.com/schuylerhale/develop-5-unique-business-name-ideas-for-your-brand with a 4.9 overall recently plummeted to the last page at the same time I randomly became ineligible for promotion. I've received similar advice (stay online 24/7 etc.) and have had no luck for 22 days now. I went from averaging ~2k impressions a day to ~60. Same response from CS. 

Currently, I have no solution but am actively working to reverse this highly discouraging situation. I've been:

-Responding to 2-3 buyer requests a day

-Wrote an e-book and have been reaching out to old clients with a discount offer (hoping getting some 5 star reviews will fix this?)

-Updated my gig hoping that it would "reset" it 

-Praying (LOL) because there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the situation

I wish you the best & will keep you posed if I find a solution. Please do the same! Wish you the best.


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On 11/19/2021 at 1:56 AM, schuylerhale1 said:

I've received similar advice (stay online 24/7 etc.)

Who gave that advice? Because all refusals on this forum who make good income never ever gave that kind of advice 😉 

Instead I would recommend checking topic on this forum called “fiverr 3.0” by @frank_d


16 minutes ago, mediamihael said:

Anyone returned back to the top of search results? Same happend to me 2 weeks ago. I think we are all punished at the same time.

Nope, it doesn’t happen at the same time for all sellers. And yes, people do come back, some in 2 days, some in a weeks time, some take months or even a year depending on different situations and gigs. 

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Hi! I rarely comment on the forum but I wanted to also mention how it's affected my top-selling gig for around the same time everyone in this thread is mentioning. Out of nowhere I became inelegible for promotion, after an excellent 10-month period of sales. Hoping this issue is solved quickly and we get back to the lists soon.

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