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How I got 84 orders in 1st week selling on FIVERR


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Hi guys!


Today it´s 7 days I started getting orders on fiverr and I would like to share I think very very valuable information.

I joined Fiverr 22 days ago, I did few gigs in first week but no sale, why? I have good answer last sunday :-).


  1. Fiverr tells you “Make video for your gig and you will have 220% more orders” guys this is absolutely true!

    I made videos for all my gigs and I started getting orders in few hours, because Fiverr like it and got my gigs to the top of categories :-). Yes this is pretty simple! But… important is to camera yourself. It doesnt matter if you are shy or dont speak english well, this was my problems too, but I decided to do it despite this worries. Video with yourself will give you BIG conversion because you dont sell only some service, you sell yourself and costumers see your personality.

  2. The next thing is really important mainly in the beginning, you probably heard about a many times - yes it is OVERDELIVERY. For success you need POSITIVE REVIEWS. For positive reviews you need to provide OVERDELIVERY! Very important!

  3. Try to response every question in 1HRS. Fiverr likes activity and when you are active (what can be seen in your profile) people are contacting you more. See my responsivenes - 1HRS!

    This is the key to be succesfull, sure there are more facts you need to do but this is I think the most important you have to do!

    I attached screen shoot of my analytics.

    You can also check my profile and videos for inspiration here http://www.fiverr.com/lukas1994 :-).

    I hope it helps you :-).


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one quick tip, dont show your face when selling twitter followers, youtube views etc.

You can be profiled and found quick for breaking youtube TOS.

(if thats actually yourself, if not , bravo.)


i got a question, if these are not “Fake” or “bots” what do you mean by that?

Do you actually have the ammount of users/followers who are real and are willing to follow anyone you point or tell them to?

how does this really work, if its not a crappy a script from a hat community.

Do you live with 11,000 people on your room and they all follow whoever buys your gig?

If thats the case, let me know . i will order a billion gigs from you if they are actually real and the process you use to deliver the followers/views is not a script/soft/bs.

Also did you know ? Followers can be traced and even if someone uses a proxy to avoid detection we can always find the soup behind the desk?

Its sunny today so i will be wearing my hat.

Best of luck <3 Biancha

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I suppose I could say congratulations to you if what you’re doing is legitimate and 100% ok with the TOS of the various pages. If so, awesome! Either way, that’s a pretty high volume of sales!

Reply to @biancha: I doubt this is what this guy is doing as there isn’t really much profit involved but the rate per “like” on Facebook is relatively low to the point of getting likes at 0.01 depending on how broad you go. Non-targeted likes are relatively low cost but at the same time worthless unless you’re trying to impress a client with sheer volume but can easily be obtained through FB’s advertising platform directly if you have a lot of products/services that are available to most everyone in the world such as virtual goods. Essentially for every $1 you spend that’s 100 potential buyers(I actually know someone that has made a viable business out of this marketing.). It could be a potentially great way to bring in buyers for Fiverr gigs. You can even do interest based targeting in a unique way a friend has taught me to optimize your conversions better, but that can be a bit more rough on the wallet. These are 100% legitimate ways to use FB advertising. As to what exactly this user is doing I can’t say one way or another. I suppose if users buy likes, chances are they will buy actual legitimate marketing strategies for FB that not everyone knows about at $5 a pop. I guess it’s a great chance for me to make a new gig!

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Wow great job! I am going to try your tips. I just started posting a few gigs on Fiverr tonight so I just have quickly edited pictures right now. I’m going to work on getting better pictures and video tomorrow! Thanks for the ideas.

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