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How many hours will I be active in Fiverr Marketplace?


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  • 4 months later...

Staying online all day and night does NOT 'rank your gig.' 

If it were that simple, every single gig would be on the first page until a few sellers started to drop dead from sheer exhaustion.

You're running a business now. Learn how to market it. 

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42 minutes ago, coder_mahfuj said:

Stay active as much as you can...

@melanielm already said above that staying online doesn't do anything.

For the love of GOD, stop spreading this rumor, it's making people waste time. Learn something, invest in your skills, don't just waste time in front of the screen waiting for orders. If you do that, you won't really have a career as a freelancer here on Fiverr.


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On 11/14/2021 at 2:17 PM, nurul_islam1 said:

As Your Wish. But If you Active 24/7 . It will be help to get genarate your order and Rank your gig position.

What did you say? How is it possible to active 24/7 ?

Where is your sleeping time?  Are you a machine?

Stay active it doesn't mean that you have to stay online for 24/7!

  • It mean's find out your week point and work for it.
  • Outsource your knowledge.
  • Practice more and more.
  • Research about your expertise.
  • Try to be more professional.
  • Marketing your gigs using social media platform without spamming.
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