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Skills outside the gig?



So I am doing BR.

Then I see people who need help with something that I am able to do but my gig's dont include?


I do Photoshop, Logo design and translation but then I see someone need help with making file size smaller or someone who needs a font looking like the font on the image.

Question is: If I am able to help them should I do it even if I dont have a gig that offers these kind of things.

Btw. I am a new seller


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7 hours ago, seven_sign said:

it's better you open a new gig with tweaks related title to attract buyers who are looking for this types of services.
Or if someone contact you (new) or your returning buyers, you can discuss them by message and send a custom offer for that types of services.

He did contact me. But when you do a Custom offer you have to choose one of your gig. So I don't really see how it is a "custom" offer

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