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Why you are not hired after getting buyer SMS 


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Every single day a lot of freelancers join Fiverr & wants to make money online quickly but they skip some important part before they start their journey here. 

I'm going to share my knowledge that might help you to grow your business here. 

I just assume you are well skilled already otherwise you shouldn't start selling your skill here but do you think only your core skill is enough to make your business profitable. 

The short answer is no. 

Here is the couple of lists I point out hope it will help you. 

1. Make sure you have communication skill
2. You have to know a little bit of marketing skill to share your service throughout the world. 
3. Patience & Time management. 
4. Have a good mentality to level up your skill day by day.
5. Be honest with your buyer. 
6. Read Fiverr rules, Terms & conditions.
7. Don't spam the Fiverr form, give a good impression.

The above lists are very simple to get started but there is a lot of things, I hope I will share them in my next post. 

Be positive & stay safe

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This post isn't for the expert seller. I have been working on Fiverr for a couple of years so I can suggest what mistake you have done so far on your gig & you are not getting any orders.

I'm not going to share any tips here. Share your one gig which you want to rank, I would love to check that gig & give you an idea, hope that will help you. 

NOTE: Maybe you won't get an instant reply because I'm busy too but I will manage the time & look into your gig for sure. 

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Are you struggling to get a new order? Of course, we all do. One day miracle happened you got a buyer SMS then this is your time to convert the person to a client but sometimes we make mistakes and we don't get the order 

I'm going to share my personal opinion that I got throughout my journey. I will share a few points maybe that can help you to get the job. 

1: Response as soon as possible. 

Remember the buyer can be knocked multiple sellers so you have to respond as soon as possible. If you late somebody else already convened them & then they are not willing to reply you. 

2. Drop a quick reply
You might be thinking what is the quick reply. Let me demonstrate what is it. For example, the buyer sends you long requirements with a PDF and doc, etc. Of course, you need to check all that & that will take some time but if you don't reply then the other side guy won't understand you are here or not, So give them a quick reply. Hey, I'm checking it, I will be right back to you as soon as possible. Then he will understand you are reading their documents. 

3. Focus on your communication
In most case, English isn't our first language, which is absolutely fine but while your chat doesn't use any English that defines you, you are not good at communication. If the buyer thinks this guy isn't good at communication then they are not willing to talk with you anymore. So focus on your communication

4. Be ready to show them your portfolio
If you are new, you don't have any reviews then this is mandatory. Nobody knows you, They want to see your work first & if you are not able to show them your portfolio then you are thinking right, you are not getting the order, You can't convince them at all. So be ready to show them your portfolio.

5. Just don't say price, Explain it
Maybe in the first message buyer will ask you what's your budget for this job but don't say instantly, Be smart. Discuss everything & don't say here is the cost $xxx No, I think this is a really bad approach. Explain why is this budget. The more you can explain the will love it. 

I know there is a lot of things but this is very important to every seller, so make sure you focus everything & keep learning & keep exploring

Thank you.

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