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The key thing to sell gigs? Yeah we all know it


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Hello everyone,

I am Tomi. My first gigs are already running from a couple of hours. I have registration for a long time but I used it to buy gigs not to sell at first.

There are a lot discussions here on the forum and really good tips on improving your conversions. However I believe there is only one skill that you need in order to sell and it is really, really strong marketing.

Yeah. lol. You alread know that but no matter how good you are in programming, writing, singing etc. you will never sell better than other who is not so good as you but is a lot skilled in online marketing.

I agree that quality is very important too but a lot of users forget about it while trying to deliver orders faster. And this is because they just are selling more and trying to deliver their orders on time.

So in my opinion the way to sell better is to expand your online marketing skills as much as you can.

There are a lot of experienced users here and it would be good if they can share their thoughts.

Thanks for the time.

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I think online marketing is a beast can never fully tame as it comes in to many forms and has a tendency to change directions without warning!

What worked last year might not work this year and is some cases old methods might even turn on you and do damage.

I also think marketing is allot about personality, some people just have that something about them that makes you want to buy whatever thy are selling.

That being said i fully agree that you need to study the beast + make observations, take notes and do your own experiments.

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