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What can be done if the client does not understand the rating?


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honestly Nothing we can do or Fiverr.

1. if the client busy with private work and unable to come online to accept your order within 3 days from the delivery. it will be auto completed order with out zero ratings & comments for both buyer & seller's profile.

2. if the client new to fiverr, slight possibility for no ratings.

and will be some minor reasons as well..if you are a beginner a rate would be much important to stand out. but it's always better not to have a rating if it's bad rating (most buyers fell bad to write negative unless seller's bad behavior) , 1 negative rate will impact broadly for your trust. think abt that.?

its not only you and me for sure many sellers have experienced this.

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If they keep ordering and giving a lower rating that will cause you to either drop a level or not advance to the next level and levels are important to you you have the option of blocking the buyer. It's bad that the levels system requires a particular rating but buyers can rate lower than that (eg. 4 stars) but be happy with the result. So the system is wrong really I think (because if you blocked a buyer for giving many 4 stars but they were happy with the orders you and Fiverr would lose the money from those orders and the buyer wouldn't get them but it's because of the levels system).

eg. if they buyer keeps buying but rating eg. 4 stars or less the system could be changed to not count that as a negative in the stats used for evaluation, since if they weren't happy enough with the orders they wouldn't keep ordering.

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