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Seller not based from where they say they are



 recently bought a gig to get some house building plans made for my house I am building. It's pretty important that the person doing the gig is US based, so I found one that seemed to fit my needs and went with them. Only now, 3 days into them working on the gig, I am realizing they are not familiar with any of our zoning, Snow loads etc... I am also not familiar with them and need to rely on the person making these plan to be, and know what they are doing to meet these requirements.

Their local time is listed as 5 hours ahead of mine which places them in eastern Europe (their profile says United States), they also list their education as a European school, and their english is not the best (I ignored initially this because there's plenty of US immigrant architects with not the best english, and I try not to judge that). How should I proceed with this? I feel bad they put 3 days of work into it and don't want to be rude, but I also do not trust building my house using their work... They still have 7 days left in the gig so I'd like to cancel asap before they put in any more work. 

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