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Our Gig doesn't appering in Fiverr search result


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Hi everyone, What's up? Hope all is fine.

Anyway, now we have a face one problem. Our gig doesn't show in the Fiverr search result. 

We are working on SEO and SMM category. Before one day ago we have created our gig on fiverr. That is all SEO service for Wix, Shopify and Squarespace websites. Our work purpose we were mention mail in the gig requirements section. 

According to Fiverr, Your personal contact information should never be featured in your description. If contact or login credentials to external sites are absolutely necessary for your Gig service, please be sure to mention this in your Gig requirements.

We have followed all Fiverr guidelines and Gig policy. But Fiverr they don't show our gig. Now how can we solve this problem?

Thank you


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Your placement in the search is fluid. If I searched for your services I will find different results than if you search for them even if we use the same keywords. Plus, the search on Fiverr does not work like google. The search algorithm is unique to Fiverr. 

Considering the services you are selling you should be on the first page of search at all times. 🤔 

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