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How I Made My First $100K on Fiverr


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My name is ‘Abdul Rehman’ and I am a providing service of Web Development & Design, Digital Marketing, Logo Design, and Brand Identity. I started freelancing in 2016 and it has been five years in the freelance industry. I started small on Fiverr back in 2016 and worked very hard to complete 800+ Orders in the first 3 years.

I wanted to share my success story before but I was waiting for $100K.

Back Story:

Before we dive into “How I did it”, let me tell you people about my back story. I graduated from Lahore Leads University in 2017.  On the sideline, I created a Fiverr profile and started during 2nd semester of my graduation. I started working as a Web Designer. There I was exposed to Web Design / UX UI Design. That had my interest and I wanted to pursue that field intentionally later. I still remember, my first order was $60 and I completed it in 4 days. During the day, I was going to university to take classes and at night, I was working on my freelancing profile.  After sometime when I started hitting $400-$500 on Fiverr. I worked 16 hours of work, Daily. Seven Days a Week. No Breaks.  Again, the driving force was the responsibility.
Building my initial Fiverr clientele:

As I was growing as a freelancer, I learned more and I learned very quickly about “Value-Based selling”.  It is simply about how to charge more for your service. I was selling based on the value that my deliverable is making to the customer.  When I started doing that, I started converting my new clients into ongoing accounts.  They started to feed me work on a consistent basis. I started to “Build Great Relationships”.  After that, I never saw myself “Bidding”.   I can recall I started making $3000-$8000/month on Fiverr. Then I sustained this success for the next 5 years.

The workload is not pain, its growth:

If you are selling time. You are limited and if you are working, alone you are limited. Let me explain.

I went ahead and added more services, started my own software house in Lahore and hired people.  At this particular time, I am trying to put together a strategy to grow my agency. The goals are bigger this time.

Ending Notes

So a lot of boring reading, hah? I would leave you people with some gems.

-Seek focus. Like any other business the more focused, you’re more successful you’re. 

-Don’t grab the business but win it.

-Continuously work on your craft and improve.

-When tired, take a break and don't quit.

-Break routines and meet people. Therefore, you’re not isolated. It sucks.


Here is what made me successful on Fiverr.

Choosing Multiple Niches — anybody who joins Fiverr should remember that customers don’t come to you after seeing your skills. They only want results. I had this in mind when I started working for my client. I gave them results in the form of daily submissions.

Using Magic Numbers — The magic numbers that worked the best for me were quantity and time. When you provide your services on Fiverr, please make sure you mention the quantity and the time you need to complete a project or task. For example, if you are providing website design services, then you can write a description of your gig like ‘I will design website for you in 7 days.’ This is what I did, and this is what helped my client know how productive I could be.

Not Working For $5 — $5 is just the minimum amount you are paid by the client, but you can ask for as much money as you deserve. In my case, I charged $60 per hour.


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