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The "Awaiting response" order queue stacking up for years.


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You know how before the buyer submits requirements, their order sits in the Awaiting response  queue? I've been on fiverr for 3 years and I oftentimes send a reminder after a month, 5 months, some sit for a year with no response.  Sometimes I cancel one by one every 3-4 months just to get my Dashboard cleaned up.  But it's now at least 6 orders, racking up a good earning that have not submitted requirements. I'm actually so upset.

The buyer has committed and paid by finding specifically my gig, my talent and chosen to pay me, then disappeared. I feel like this is already half of my work done, working on being discoverable, creating example materials, sometimes buying ads out of pocket. And these orders sitting there feel like I'm actually.. kind of not getting paid for what I earned? Landing a client. 

How unethical is it to just accept these stale, forgotten orders and let them go through? I am not talking about the ones submitted yesterday, but the ones from hecking march 2020. Is it my fault someone buys a product and decides to not use it, forget it?


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