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I want to know if I can ask advance for large order if any client gives me order for 10 or more gigs


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@rockey99 You should never do work without being paid, so why would you only want half? If your buyer is balking about paying a price you feel is fair for the work involved, can you break the project into parts, so the buyer can order and you can deliver part of the project? Then if the buyer is happy with your work, he can order the next part, and so forth.

@smith_designer @voiceoverwork kindly responded to you, but it is very rude to hijack a forum post with your problems. He also did the work for you. Next time, be a grown-up and just read through the forums or use the forum search tool in the upper right corner to ask your question or find your topic. Your problem has been discussed and answered hundreds and hundreds of times already.

You also have 2 gigs which are almost exactly the same (as well as being extremely simplistic: every photo program has those filters pre-installed and any amateur can do the same thing, even on a phone) and you are competing against thousands of other people, many showing much more professional samples. If you want to make sales, you need to show much better work.

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