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Seller refusing to cancel order



Hi I am running into this very problematic issue whereby my order is plagiarized and copy-pasted from google by the seller. Even when confronted with the evidence, the seller still is in denial and is now accusing me of scamming her and refusing to accept my cancel request. We are now going back and forth where I send a cancel request and she rejects and it is going nowhere. How should I go about this since she is not capable of doing the work I asked for plus it is already past my deadline (another issue i face because of the lack of competency on her part), really frustrated about this because my work is already due and now I have to find someone else to do it plus deal with this cancellation issue.  I have attached the plagarised work and links to the sources where i found the "work done by her" copy pasted word for word, not to mention that question 2 was copy pasted as a whole picture which i suspect was plagiarised as well.

1a) : http://cs470.cs.ua.edu/spring2017/exam6extra-key.pdf
1b) https://cs.stackexchange.com/questions/142626/what-is-wrong-with-this-argument-that-if-a-is-np-complete-but-b-is-in-p-then-a

3)  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polynomial-time_reduction

Question no 1.pdf

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If the work is plagiarised and the seller is refusing to cancel you can click on any report options next to the posts or you can go to the help centre and report the seller or through support@fiverr.com

But if the work being asked is academic work that you've been asked to do, doing that/asking for it I think is against the Terms of Service so you could get your account in trouble too.

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