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How long it usually takes to FIVERR to close an order?


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46 minutes ago, federicograsso9 said:

basically the seller doesn’t want to close my order

Sellers don't have the option to close/complete an order. The buyers can complete an order after it's been delivered. If the buyer doesn't complete an order after it's been delivered it will auto-complete 3 days after delivery if no revision etc. is asked for.

46 minutes ago, federicograsso9 said:

and he can’t deliver the order.

If he can't deliver the order at all you could ask for a cancellation. If the seller is still working on it you could ask for an update of what has been done so far and/or an estimate of when it will be delivered.

It should usually take a seller no more than they say in their gig/gig package/offer for the number of delivery days. If they are late delivering >10% of the time in the last 60 days they'd lose their Fiverr level if they had one. They could ask for a time extension from the buyer but that would need to be accepted otherwise they'd still need to deliver within the original time frame.

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