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Security Question Feature - FAQ. [RESOLVED]


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1) Who is this feature for?
All buyers and sellers who are logged in will benefit from this feature.

2) How do I define a security question for my account?
Scroll over your username in the top menu, click on Settings -> Security Settings. There you will be able to set your security question.

3) After defining a security question for my account, what will it affect?
The security question will help protect your account when:

  • Changing your password
  • Changing the PayPal email associated with your account (sellers only)

4) Can I change the security question defined in my account?
Yes. Just scroll over your username in the top menu, click on Settings -> Security Settings, click “edit”, and define a new security question. You will have to answer the old question in order to set a new one.

5) What if I forgot my security question?
In that case, please contact our Customer Support team for account verification. After verifying your account, they will reset the definitions for you.

6) Can I put in my own security question?
Currently, you can answer any of the predefined questions available in the set up.

7) I was blocked from changing my security question, what now?
This can happen if you answer the question incorrectly 5 times in a row. Please wait at least 24 hours before trying again, or contact our support team who will verify your account.

For more information, please refer to our blog.

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Hello! I forgot my security question too. I send someone messages on Fiverr support ,but no result. They ask me some questions and that’s it … nobody help me! I send my passport and other information ,but - nothing. I can’t take the money in my account! What i do? If you have some information what i do ,please help me!

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I am totally frustrated with the so called support which I am not obtaining from Fiverr

I have been a member of Fiverr since 10 April 2013 - I reside in Portugal and unfortunately my email provider suffered a virus attack and as a consequence my sapo email address was made redundant and I was forced to arrange a new email address which I did effective from the 23 March 2015

I am able to enter my Fiverr account see all my past transactions and payments etc - see my Fiverr name - Kidson and when I go to change my email address I get a message saying; "For the email change to take effect, please follow instructions in an email sent to the original address (

) Since the original address does not exist clearly it does not come through to me and presumably FIverr must receive a failure notice

When I advise support of the foregoing they then ask me to submit a scanned copy of my passport - never asked for or required when I first registered back in 2013 and I am just not prepared to entertain this request - then ask for my Paypal details which I again refuse and they also ask me for my Payee ID associated to your Fiverr Revenue Card - which I have never had

Following more exchanges with the support team I am told

For security purposes, we are not permitted to change any information on an account without a copy of a government issued ID.

All I want to do is change my email address which I have had to do with many many other sites following the change to my new email address and no problems with anyone else - only here on Fiverr

I have no wish to change any other of my personal details - Only my email address, as my old one no longer exists

I can see from my records I placed 19 0rders - 1 Cancelled - see attached screen shot

I can see the details of all the orders I placed - screen shot attached - how much was paid and when etc etc - but I am not permitted to change my email address - which means if I wish to place a new order or query the seller would have no way of communicating with me - its all so ridiculous

Can someone with a degree of sanity intervene here so I can continue to use my same account, which I have held since 2013, and with the only change I am seeking - an email change - as the old one no longer exists

Total frustration

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