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Can we bring our own Customers to Fiverr?



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56 minutes ago, navidzafar said:

Dear all,

Can we bring our own Customers to Fiverr platform?

If yes, what is the benefit of doing so?


As your wish, so that fiverr will be deduct money 'some percent' per order and your benefit is gig order and more order more ranking

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There are pros and cons to this.



1) Security of fiverr ecosystem

2) More reviews means more orders from new clients and building a good reputation

3) Easy and fast payment. You will not have to plead to the buyer to release your payment.

4) Ease of use and communication




The only con I can think of is that you will have to give fiverr 20% of the revenue and the buyer will have to pay a small convenience fee too.

In my opinion, pros outweigh the cons because eventually you will start earning more because of the reviews and reputation. So yes, that 20% is worth it.


I hope this helps.

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