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We are graphic designer & photo & video and most of all Clipping path and background remove.


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16 minutes ago, designlogocity said:

Please help us to become a successful seller.

This is not our responsibility. Only YOU can make your successful, and you can do this by taking actions that grow your business. We are not going to do this for you. You need to research and understand your target customers, figure out how you can solve their project needs, and then determine how YOU can convince them to hire you to complete your valuable services.

18 minutes ago, designlogocity said:

We are best at Background remove and Clipping path.

Prove it to your target customers. And keep in mind that there are THOUSANDS of your competitors trying to do the very same thing.

19 minutes ago, designlogocity said:

Please give us some advice.

I just did. You can find more advice by reading the posts on the Fiverr forum.

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