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Hi , I had my fiver account with 65+ 5 star ratings and a level 2 account .

One of AUSTRALIAN based buyer requested me many times to do a project for him . I told that I can not because He was giving little amount for that .

After he insisted a lot , I did all for him . He said its very well organized and accurate calculations and appreciated a lot.

After 3 days , I received a message that buyer has created dispute and want to cancel the order .I declined. and buyer did not say anything 

I contacted Fiver support system  after 5 days to mark order as completed .

But what happened with me ????????

Fiver after 2 days restricted my account partially .

I contacted again and asked them what is the issue? They said academic work is not allowed . I told them that when did I do that ? because my current 8 orders from AMAZON , REDBUBBLE and 2 more organizations .

Now my question is that . What could be decision of fiver ? Do they disable  account permanently for all partially restricted accounts ? or there is any case in which they have restored  account which was restricted partially ? 

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