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Benefits of Fiverr forum post



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Hey everyone. Thanks for the discussion about the ranks. 

To be honest, the phrase "joined the race of the forum ranking system" doesn't tell you the whole picture about what the ranking actually is. 

  • There is no prize.
  • There is no affect on your seller ratings.
  • There is no bonus in search results.
  • There is no winner.

Spam or gamifying the replies in the forum won't win you any friends or rankings.

The ranking system is there to quantify and understand a users involvement in the forum. If they're active or not.  Another measure here in the forum is "reputation." And truthfully, that is the number you should be shooting for.  

To gain reputation, you need to have solid, topics of discussion, solid answers and active participation on posts/replies. One word, quick answers won't get you there. 

I'm not going to reveal behind the curtain what gains you points and what would remove points. Suffice it to say that it's designed to reward meaningful conversations and engagements. 


The above is from here: 


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The whole reason why this forum exist is to ask questions and help others by providing answers, information and experiences. And to further clarify; experiences that aren't just mentioning you received an order, but for example detailing your journey so others can learn from it. There's no benefit relating to your seller's account. So if you wonder if posting here will benefit you with getting orders, impressions or clicks the answer is a clear and straightforward no.  

The ranks you can receive on this forum also don't provide any extra benefits; it's basically only a visual cue for others to see how much you've posted. It was meant to provide a bit of value to the statements people make (like @lloydsolutionsmentioned). A higher rank is supposed to mean you're a reliable source who provides qualitative answers. But that has lost its meaning a bit, since people acquire these badges by simply spamming with thank you's & congarats etc. 

So in short; the benefit of posting in the forum is helping others either with posting your own questions or providing helpful answers. 

Hope this helped!

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