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When I joined Fiverr I created one Gig. I really don't think that having multiple Gigs gives you a significantly higher chance of receiving orders - but there's no real harm in having multiple. Ideally, you want to have a concentrated amount of orders on one Gig so that it does well, rather than diluting your orders between 4 Gigs that equally perform averagely. The reason for this, is that clients are more likely to place an order with a Gig that has had lots of previous orders (with good reviews) - rather than Gigs with less orders. Therefore, splitting your orders between 4 Gigs (assuming the Gigs are in the same category or are similar), is not a good idea.

Personally, I would start with one Gig and really push it. Once your Gig is established, create other Gigs to diversify your portfolio.

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