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Increase in number of scammers on Fiverr


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Recently I got a order asking for a encryption software . I told him what all capabilities that software will have and deliver him the same , he didn't uttered a word until delivery , even before delivery I was updating him with things I was doing via messages , images .

After delivery he said he don't need this software what he need is detailed analysis on following topics (yeah now he want me to write article don't know when this came in software development category)

I denied 1st but thanks to Fiverr customer support response (anyone who has contacted them know what I mean) , I was forced to write article thinking that's the last option .

After delivering that article he said now he don't need this project anymore and is cancelling project . I objected him out that its wrong , and denied all disputes raised by him .

Fiverr Customer Care is not helping me out even after giving all such proofs they are saying that we can't force buyers to pay , so this basically means they can force sellers to deliver for free.

That's the importance given to us by them .


Right now I'm rejecting all disputes raised by him but I've a doubt that Fiverr will automatically close this order once the buyer will request to Fiverr Customer support.


So I just want to know that is there any way to stop this order from being cancelled from buyer side (i.e. can I make Fiverr not to cancel this order even if buyer request Fiverr customer team to cancel it)

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I haven't bought services through Fiverr in a long time. I decided to use it again. I paid for the order, they sent me a fake report. Nothing was done on the order. And now Fiverr support refuses to refund me. Sad service, similar to seoclerk...

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21 minutes ago, aussietech81 said:

Fiverr promoting the scammers with full knowledge to turn over profit

They don't. If there's any promotion being done, it's automatic. Fiverr doesn't promote scammers. However, they most likely didn't catch the scammer yet and no one reported them. I reported a lot of scammers and they were all handled professionally by Fiverr. So.. they are not promoting scammers, however on a marketplace with millions of users it's hard to identify scammers on their own, so they do have to rely on people reporting whenever stuff is wrong.

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