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How to get more order in fiverr


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On 11/6/2021 at 8:22 PM, khadija973759 said:

I have no order from fiverr

Fiverr doesn't "give you orders". You earn them by connecting to the target customers who need the service(s) you are offering. 

Actions to reach goals are required. What goals have you set, and how have you been working to achieve them?

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Here's some suggestions:

In the gig description:
"promte your videos" could be "promote your videos"
"Why to choose us?" could be "Why choose us?"

You probably shouldn't have a package for "...full channel monetization requirement" because you can't guarantee watch hours or the number of subscribers.

In the profile:
In the description: Maybe change "happy to joining"
In the skills section:
"digitalmarketin" could be "digital marketing"
"grapich designer" could be "graphic designer"
"articel" could be "article"

If you created an additional gig/gigs it might improve the chance of orders. Also sending offers to buyer requests you can do well might too.

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