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Is there a way to appeal a canceled order by a buyer when I delivered a great job?



Hi guys! Hope you're doing awesome!

I was thinking about my work and a possible situation that can happen. I'm a professional bassist and basically that's my main job here on Fiverr. I always deliver great tracks (Or at least I put a lot of effort to make them great) and sometimes they don't fit what the buyer is having in his/her mind, which is no problem at all because that is what revisions are for. I was just wondering. What if a buyer gets my tracks and he/she likes it but decides to cancel the order anyway? Is there a a way to appeal a situation like this? I don't think it hasn't happened yet to me, but I suspect that this happened once, which also led me to my only bad review in all my Fiverr career. I mean, I don't think that Fiverr has a specialized team to analize my work to check out if it's good or not, they will always believe the buyer or at least will give him/her the chance to cancel the order. Just came across this idea and wanted to share it with you. Did it happen to anyone of you before? 

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