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How can i get more exposure


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I am working on fiverr from last 3 months and i think i am good i have 100 percent rating but i am not getting much exposure on my gigs i hardly get 2 to 3 orders a week and i have tried everything like making new gigs prompted responsiveness, promoting my gigs on social networks, and everything but they still are not giving me any exposure or better place to my gig.

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This is probably the most talked-about topic on the forums, and gets discussed to death every few weeks. Have you tried using the forum search button to find any of the many threads with dozens of great ideas? Try ‘how to make sales’, ‘how to promote my gigs’, ‘how to optimize gigs’, ‘how to network’, etc.

And sometimes if you honestly feel you’ve done everything and there is nothing left to do, rethink your gigs. Why don’t people want them? What can you do to market differently, or what totally different gig can you do? What’s popular right now? No one can answer some of those questions but you.

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Hi and welcome.

Unfortunately you cannot rely on Fiverr for exposure. With over 4 MILLION gigs and Dog knows how many arriving daily, its mathematically impossible. And Fiverr does not guarantee placement in search. Fiverr is a parking space for your gig. To get a premium parking space, you need to show them you’ve got the goods.

You say you’ve “tried everything”.

  • Do you have a bog or web site?
  • Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, SoundCloud and other social sites?
  • Do you hang out on Forums, where Buyers of your services hang out.
  • Do you promote yourself in your community, church or school?
  • Do you research potential Buyers?
  • Do you have a marketing program in place?
  • Do you network with your peers and with companion Sellers?

    Your gigs are in a crowded and competitive field. And some Sellers in your niche are doing very well. As @celticmoon said, “rethink your gigs.”

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