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Designer Delivered Uneditable Files and Won’t Respond




I have been working for a couple months with a book cover designer for 3 covers for a gig package that stated it includes the source files. It’s been kind of a rollercoaster working with this designer because even though she does great work, the communication is poor, there have been errors in the designs according to my specifications, I’ve paid her extra fees for my many revisions, and she has been late on the delivery. 

I finally received the PDF files, accepted the order and sent them to my manufacturer, who told me the files are not editable. I have tried to message the seller asking her why the covers are uneditable and for her to send me files that can be edited ASAP since these were supposed to be source files but she is completely unresponsive now. I have a feeling now that everything is completed, she has ghosted me. 

I need advice on what to do and if I am somehow misunderstanding what a source file is. A book cover should be able to be edited if need be once it’s in my possession. We did three different gigs for the same covers and the first one where she has the majority of my money has been completed 2 months ago. I don’t want my money back, I just want what was promised in the gig package or if I’m misunderstanding anything. 

Any advice is appreciated, thank you. 

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If you paid for editable source files and the seller won't supply them and is not responding and you've waited a reasonable amount of time you could contact Fiverr support about it at:


They should help get the seller to send you the editable source files you paid for.

In future you should really check everything before the order is completed.

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