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Denied GiGs


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When we first post gigs, they are just screened by bots, not a person. Possibly your gig is against the Fiverr terms of service, or would break the TOS of another site if used, or someone complained to Fiverr. In any case, it may have come to the attention of a Fiverr editor who found one of those problems and so it has been denied. You can file a report with customer support and ask that your gig be reviewed again by the editors if you’re sure it’s not against any rules. Or they can at least tell you why it got denied.

I’m not sure what you mean about your gigs not being published…I can see several gigs on your profile. If you mean that one or more of your gigs were posted on the Fiverr front page and now they aren’t, well, gigs get rotated all the time by Fiverr in order to give everyone some exposure and a chance to make sales.

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