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National Candy Day (04 Nov)


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Hmm too many to count so I'll name one I can't stand to start with....

Drumroll please...



Especially if it's disguised as chocolate (mixed in with mini chocolates / etc.) Had the... Luck yesterday to grab one without thinking...

(I live in Sweden so it seems pretty popular here haha.) Jokes aside some types of it are nice but not when I'm expecting chocolate!

I am more of a dark chocolate kinda girl tho - early ever eat candy itself but sometimes do get cola gummies or the sweet and sour frogs. (Or sour rings I guess not sure what's more popular everywhere else.)

I'm doing a store run tomorrow so will take a picture of my small town store's candy wall! Lots of choices I haven't tried yet!

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Yikes! I can't do black liquorice!

I guess you are the 1% of population that the rest of us would give ours to! 😄

When I went to Disney in Fl, (Epcot), in the Japan area, I got a sweet treat called Mochi. Oh my gosh, it was so good. 😋.I'm not sure if a Mochi is considered dessert or candy, though. 🤔

I like trying food & candy from different worlds. I want to try sweets from Europe, especially Switzerland.

So, how about some of you folks from the middle eastern parts of the world? What's your favorite candy?

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2 hours ago, zeus777 said:

Gosh, I have a long, and I mean VERY long list...
but I'll go with this one, it's called Le Monde:

The only problem with this is that you MUST eat it over a plate or maybe a napkin because of all the crumbs, but dang these are good.

Zeus-san a while back I saw a video detailing how you get Kit Kat in weird flavors there, like even a Green Tea flavored Kit Kat.. is that a thing there with Kit Kat?

BTW this one looks yum.. 😋

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1 hour ago, surajkartha said:

like even a Green Tea flavored Kit Kat.. is that a thing there with Kit Kat?

Not sure how 'common' they are, but my friend brought me wasabi/green tea (and maybe cherry blossom?) Kit Kats from Japan yeaars ago! In China, I saw durian flavoured ones I believe (might have been another candy, there was durian flavoured everything, so!) ah, we also have popcorn flavoured ones here in the grocery store but I don't know how 'normal' those are. They are yummy tho 😄

I'm hoping to subscribe to one of those world-wide candy boxes soon - they seem to send thematic boxes (like, once from China, another time from Mexico and so on!) but there are also Japan-only one I think 😄

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If we're talking about chocolate, Studenska might take the cake for me (pun internded). It has raisins, grapes and peanuts, all drowning in delicious milk chocolate.

I also once had the opportunity to try a custom-made snickers chocolate cake. To this day it was the most delicious dessert I have ever eaten. 🤤 Sadly, it was custom-made and I doubt I will ever get the recipe. 😄


Screenshot 2021-11-05 125657.jpg

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How nice to see others who like black licorice! Usually get grimaces when I mention it, but at least none of the jelly beans went in the trash while growing up with my licorice-hating sisters.

Most of my candy favorites are due to nostalgia. I haven't eaten chocolate in years probably. These pictures are so tempting!

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In Japan there is this "thing" with Kit Kats for sure.

We have plenty of different flavors, we get those special seasonal ones and if you go to certain places like up north in Hokkaido, they sometimes have special melon flavor ones because melons are famous in the area.

I don't really know when it started but Kit Kats are considered as lucky snacks and a lot of students eat them when they are getting ready for entrance exams and such. The word "Kit Kat" sound similar to the Japanese word "kitto katsu" which means "to win." So it's like a pun. 

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Who said black liquorice?

I've had tons of them when I was a kid (wondering if this affected me in any possible way...)

Back then, shops had these liquorice's candy shaped like a small boat, indeed was called barchetta.


They also had sugar candies called "ciùciù" (Neapolitan's term that stands for "sweetheart" or "darling").


I'm also fond of a very simple kind of candies called "ginevrine". Basically, just sugar, water and food colouring but you can skip the latter if you're making them home.



But if we enter the chocolate land...Then I can't help myself to mention Reese's.


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