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All Payment Methods Disabled by Fiverr Support



My friend's all payment methods are disabled and he got an email from Fiverr that Fiverr has disabled withdrawal methods because of some security reasons, they asked him to provide the system antivirus scan results, full number verified with Fiverr account, payoneer id, and answer of the security question.

I don't know why they are asking these things, he is very much worried about this matter. Please help us if anybody knows this issue. Or Fiverr members are invited to solve this issue please!


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🤔 I have no idea what could have triggered this kind of verifications but if "your friend" is communicating with CS through the CS platform there is no need to be afraid, everything there is recorded and proven there so CS members havo no chance of doing sketchy stuff.

💁‍♂️ In conclusion just tell your friend to follow the CS member instructions and, if he didn't mess up anything, everything should be fixed.

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