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Bring the people you love-New Buyer and Seller


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I am excited at so much talent here at fiverr! In less than one week I have purchased two logos which I immediately began to use, I am actually using one as my fiverr profile and I have placed a total of five orders. I am also a seller, very new seller offering my talents for $5!!! Why not? Some people will be helping me have a better presence online, why not help others have a better presence on paper? I just want to introduce myself and my services to you as a Job Coach Trainer who is currently offering cover letter and resume preparation for $5 only when independently I charge from $25-$80 according to your specific needs and package. I do not know how long this will last, but while am here, take advantage of me =). I look forward to creating and keeping a great, happy clientele and be a great customer to my sellers. My experience so far has mainly been positive. One of the sellers took about three days to reply to a question about the logo after I had approved it, so I am assuming that the best thing is to be as SPECIFIC as you can, before you check the dumps up or finalize the project. I also would like to state that we are all here for the same reasons, we need stuff and here is where we get quality for less as a buyer, but if you were the seller you could be overworking yourself to keep a positive reputation, let us be mindful when providing feedback. I plan to maintain a positive feedback as a buyer and a seller and will try every possible way to fix any problems through the seller who will be saving me lots of $$$$, thanks to fiverr.com. I met a very talented young graphic designer who recently graduated college and he was unaware of this site, therefore, I shared it with him and told him if he signed up, I would hire him. He was pro-active and did that overnight! This is his passion and he is very easy to work with. I am glad that he signed up because now I can buy stuff from him, while he does what he loves and creates his portfolio and clientele. If you know of a talented person out there that does not know of this site, tell them about it! Do not assume they know!!! Bring the people you love to fiverr so that other people can find them and use them too =), this is the one I have brought so far: http://www.fiverr.com/digitalsquare and I plan to bring more =)

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