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Got 2 orders within a week


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I have made my Fiverr Seller Profile 6 months ago, but I never got any orders. I had tried changing my GIGs and Profile details a number of times but still no buyers ever approached me. 

One day, I got a message in my inbox, "You up for a work?"

"Yeah, sure." I said.

I was so happy that someone even bothered to text me on Fiverr when I was almost about to lose hope.

I completed the order within 6hrs and submitted my work.

To my surprise, I got a 5 Star review with a compliment, "Good communication and fast delivery."

This accomplishment gave me confidence and energy to hang on for another few days.

Then again exactly 1 week later, that is today (3/09/2021)

I got my second order and I completed it within 6hrs again.

I got a 4.7 Review and a compliment, "He did a great job and very fast service."

So guys I just want you all to know that you are not the only one who is getting depressed of not getting customers. Everyone around here are working hard to make money and get recognized. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing now. Never give up. 

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Hello there my fellow Fiverrians.

Its been 6 months since I have joined Fiverr as a seller.

I work as a freelancing graphics designer here.

In the past 5 months I did not get a single customer at all,

but in this month I started getting a bunch of customers all of a sudden and I was successful in making more than $100 all together from 5 different customers.

In India $100 in a lot of money for a high school student like me.

Its around 8000 Inr.

My hard work of all these months are finally seeming to pay off.


" Even if you don't get any customers for a long time, don't give up easily. Try to find out why customers are not getting attracted towards your GIGS. Try to optimize your profile to the greatest extent. One more thing, do not follow the instructions given in youtube unless the creator is himself/ herself a top-rated seller. Youtube instructions can often get your Fiverr account banned. It happened to me once thats why I don't want you guys to make the same mistake. If you want TIPS and TRICKS, you can ask the top-rated sellers in the Forum, am sure they will reply to your message at some extent. "


Thank you for taking your precious time to read my story.


Here's  my Fiverr profile, if you like, you can buy my services. I also allow full permission for reselling.

the_yellow_bee_ | Social Media Design, Illustration | Fiverr

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He could cancel the order, but if you delivered exactly what you promised it's highly unlikely the buyer will do so (unless it's a scammer but let's not assume this). 

I've had plenty of cases where the buyer didn't accept the order themselves but let it auto-complete. This can have various reasons. Sometimes they checked it and were satisfied and just couldn't be bothered to click accept (or if they're new know it's custom to do so).

Sometimes buyers forget, because they're simply busy. It never happened to me, but if this is the case they could still ask for an adjustment. It depends on you if you'd charge extra for it or make the change anyway. Personally, if it's a minor change I'll adjust it free of charge. 

The main conclusion though all details aside; there's no need to worry since it happens all the time. Hope this clarified things!

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