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What does conversion means?



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Conversion rate is talking about the percentage of people who click on your gig that end up purchasing. So if 1000 people clicked on your gig, 3.1 ended up placing an order.

That conversion rate seems low, so it's probably something in your gig that's throwing them off.

And yes, took a look and I understand why now. 

This is your gig description:


Order now and message me. I can help you 🙂

Send me the picture of your avatar when ordering 🙂

hi i am rocketpuncher and i am 7th grader. i am also a self taught digital artist i am not that good at drawing but i will try my best to serve you guys the best drawing 🙂 and please be patient for the delivery days. thats all thank you 🙂

So I would highly suggest rewording this gig, as you're not inspiring any confidence in me about what I would receive when ordering this gig. I wouldn't emphasize your age, or your ability and instead, I would take a couple of hours to actually do some drawings that you show as examples of your work. You're using the same drawing for all three of your gig photos, I would highly recommend doing a collage with several drawings for each of the three slots you have for gigs. Whenever I am looking for artsy gigs, I am more interested in seeing their style and capability than what their story is.

You're also down-selling yourself in your profile description as well. I wouldn't try to claim anything that you're not, but currently, in essence, you're communicating the following: "I'm young an inexperienced and frankly, not that good, so, why not take your chances?"



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