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Unable to win the trust of clients!!!


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Did you analysis your buyer request format. You know we are human being we always mistake but you always do better than before, If you are not getting any respond from your buyer request then try to change your approach way, It might help you. Try different methods. Keep the message short and to the point. mentioned what buyer actually looking for, Nobody have a lot of time & you know one thing buyer gest so many request so it's hard to find out the best one. So make sure you write well. 


See your gig performance fast, are you getting enough impressions and then click Like you are not getting good enough impressions then there is no way to get more order but you are getting enough impressions but not click then work on your gig thumbnail, title, price because this is the first things buyer notice but if you think your click ration is good then work on your description area, Maybe buyer not impressed with the description. 

There are so many factors you have to analysis. Hope you will do & best of luck for your journey.  

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