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Who wants an official Fiverr time tracker for hourly work like me? 😊


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We all know recently Fiverr lunch subscription that is awesome, A few categories sellers got this but do you think the hourly rate system is also good?

I'm working hourly basis for a Canadian buyer maintaining their Divi based WordPress website, First of all, we discuss a monthly basis but after discussion, we both agree to continue with hourly but the problem is Fiverr doesn't have any hourly tracker now, So I have to calculate the time manually or I'm using a Time tracker software myself. Luckily my client is good, he trust me & I didn't cheat but a transparent solution is must have I think. 

I had to say NO to almost 10 clients, Sorry Fiverr doesn't have the time tracker, we have to work on fixed price but you know sometimes they don't care, So ultimately I lost a potential client.


I'm back to the community again. 😘

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