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Buyer being unfair


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So a buyer wanted me to make them a quiz video that they can upload to YouTube. They were very cooperative throughout the entire order process. That is, until I delivered. As soon as I delivered, they requested a cancellation saying "I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS AT ALL.". I rejected the cancellation and asked them politely to give me more information. Then they started giving various excuses and reasons, none of which were valid. For example: They said this was way too easy and they could have done it themselves, but I actually gave them links to the resources I was going to use BEFORE they made the order. They could have just done it themselves if they wanted to. Next they said that it was very ugly. But I actually gave them a demo video with the same template, so it was the same as the final product. After going back and forth for a while, they started provoking me, and then they said, and I quote, "You didn't give me any work. I had pictures and everything for it and you did it like a 3rd grader.". They claim they gave me "pictures", but in reality they hadn't. After taking it up with Fiverr customer support, they just kept asking me to "negotiate with the buyer". And the worst part is, the buyer keeps messaging me from a different Fiverr account for some reason. So the account through which they placed the order actually has no messages. I have two options now:

1) Cancel the order and lose the money, even though I did nothing wrong.

2) Let them leave a bad rating when it expires in 23 hours (I'm sure they will)

I am not comfortable with cancelling it because I actually did nothing wrong. But I only have 6 reviews till now (all 5 stars) and I REALLY REALLY don't want a bad review. What do I do? I really think Fiverr should have a system for flagging unfair reviews and deleting them. Because it really isn't fair on their part to just let scam buyers take advantage on new sellers like me.

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