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Fiverr cut 20% of my earnings (not tip)



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1 hour ago, felatnoyan said:

Why did fiverr cut 20% of my earnings, what can I do about this situation and can I get my money back?🤔

So you want to get 100% of your earnings and not pay Fiverr anything? You don't even pay anything to sign up and to make a gig. All the digital space Fiverr is giving to you, they deserve to get something............

You also agreed to the Terms of Service upon signing up..

You might want to read them again: https://www.fiverr.com/content/payments-terms-and-conditions

  • Each Gig you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with revenue equal to 80% of the purchase amount.

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This is the fee you pay in order to use fiverr. The only way to make it back is to make more sales, and if you need to, increase your prices by 20% to cover the cost. See it as the cost of renting a shop on a high street - you don't get to use the shop for free to sell your services, you have to pay the landlord. This is the same for fiverr, except you only have to pay when you're actually getting results.

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